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Bay Area Housing Update

December 24th, 2012

Housing Highs and Lows

Previous postings have gone in depth detailing the cities and counties which contain the most expensive, and the cheapest residential listings in the Bay Area. As of December 23, 2012 the most expensive listing, at $85,000,000, still resides in Woodside, San Mateo County. The cheapest listing currently on the market is in the San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz County, listed at $49,900.

Low Housing Inventory

The Inventory of both land and residential Real Estate listings in the Bay Area is currently extremely low. At the moment there are 2,380 residential listings, 874 residential land parcels, and 119 income properties in our areas of coverage.

LocalVector Real Estate Engine Version 1.3!

December 24th, 2012

At we pride ourselves in providing an excellent user experience for all your online Real Estate tasks. This commitment drives us to seek out new and innovative ways to make both more informative, and easier to use.

During the Christmas Holiday LocalVector’s engineers are going to upgrade the website to version 1.3 of the LocalVector Real Estate Engine.

Real Estate Engine version 1.3 comes with a myriad of features which will make that much easier to use!

Real Estate Engine 1.3 Featured Updates

Smart Saved Search

Changes to the search tool will allow for the saving of search criteria for later. Enter your search parameters once and your results will be automatically refreshed each time you return to

One Click Questions

Have a question about a property? You will now be able to submit these questions with one click by utilizing the orange “Ask a Question” button featured on the listing.

Even More Property Information

You will have access to even more information about the properties listed on whether or not you are currently registered or logged in.

Design Improvements
You will notice a variety of design changes. Improving both the aesthetics and the efficiently of

The LocalVector Team would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and invite you to check out the new and improved Real Estate Engine!

8 Cheapest Residential Properties

December 1st, 2012

One of the things we pride ourselves on at is providing insightful and current Real Estate Metrics that help to keep you informed of the current state of the Market.

The table below details the County and City in which the cheapest residential properties are currently listed for sale in the Bay Area.

County City Price
Santa Cruz East Santa Cruz County $72,000
Alameda Oakland $75,000
Monterey North Salinas $79,000
Monterey Monterey $90,000
Monterey South Monterey County $99,000
Santa Cruz San Lorenzo Valley $115,000
Santa Clara San Jose $120,000
Monterey North Monterey County $129,900



To see complete details for these properties search for the listed city or County on and sort by price “lowest first.”

Cheapest 10 Land Parcels

December 1st, 2012

With the Real Estate Engine you can utilize a variety of different parameters to zero in your Real Estate search to exactly the type of listings you are interested in. In this case, we used price and location to generate the following table which depicts the 10 cheapest land parcels currently listed in the Bay Area.

County City Price
Santa Cruz San Lorenzo Valley $1,000
San Mateo Half Moon Bay $3,800
Santa Cruz Scotts Valley $4,999
Santa Cruz Aptos $7,000
San Mateo Belmont $15,000
Santa Clara Gilroy $19,000
San Mateo San Carlos $19,500
Santa Cruz Rio Del Mar / Seascape $35,900
Alameda Oakland $55,000
Monterey East Salinas $57,500


To see complete details for these properties search for “Residential Lots & Land” on in respective cities and sort by price “lowest first.”

Most Expensive 10 Land Parcels

December 1st, 2012

As a full service Real Estate resource also maintains a listing of land parcels currently on the open market. The table below lists both the County and the City in which the 10 most expensive land parcels are currently listed.

County City Price
San Benito South San Benito County $32,000,000
San Mateo Woodside $29,000,000
Santa Clara San Jose $21,000,000
Santa Clara Los Altos Hills $19,500,000
Santa Clara Los Gatos $18,000,000
Alameda Sunol $15,000,000
San Mateo Atherton $13,800,000
Santa Clara Saratoga $11,800,000
Monterey Big Sur Coast $11,800,000
Monterey Carmel $10,000,000


To see complete details for these properties search for “Residential Lots & Land” on in respective cities and sort by price “highest first.”

Top 10 Most Expensive Residential Properties

November 30th, 2012

The Bay Area is known for being a center of new technologies and ideas. Creativity and innovation are hallmarks of Bay Area living, and that trend continues into Bay Area Real Estate. has compiled this list which details the cities in which the Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate listings reside.

County City Price
San Mateo Woodside $85,000,000
San Mateo Hillsborough $38,500,000
San Mateo Atherton $34,888,000
Santa Clara Morgan Hill $26,000,000
Santa Clara Los Gatos $19,995,000
San Mateo Portola Valley $19,950,000
Santa Clara Los Altos Hills $19,500,000
Monterey Carmel $19,200,000
Monterey Carmel Highlands $18,500,000
Santa Clara Palo Alto $16,750,000


To see complete details for these properties search for the listed city or county on and sort by price “highest first.”

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Top Five Most Expensive Land Parcels in the Bay Area

November 16th, 2012

In addition to Residential, an Income properties also lists Land Parcels in and around the Bay Area. The chart below details the county and city in which the top five most expensive land parcels are currently listed.

County Price
Santa Cruz County $3,200,000 in West Santa Cruz
San Benito County $9,998,000 in Holister
Monterey County $11,800,000 in Big Sur Coast
Alameda County $15,000,000 in Sunol
Santa Clara County $21,000,000 in San Jose
San Mateo County $29,000,000 in Woodside



To see complete details for these properties search for “Residential Lots & Land” on in respective cities and sort by price “highest first.”

Sunnyvale, CA Community Profile

October 4th, 2012

Sunnyvale is one of the bustling tech capitals that make up California’s Silicon Valley, Yahoo! and Palm, two names you may recognize, are some of the largest employers in the area employing 7,34 and 1,102 people respectively.

Like its name would suggest Sunnyvale is known for its exceptional climate. Like most of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sunnyvale has a Mediterranean climate. This means that you can expect relatively mild and moist winters and comfortably warm and dry summers. Average daytime in temperature in the summer is in the high 70’s. Like the rest of the Bay Area extreme weather is quite a rare occurrence.

Until 1939 the primary economy of Sunnyvale was agriculture. Most of the land was covered by either large expansive wheat fields or fruit orchards.  Street names like Flora Vista Avenue and Olive Avenue reflect this agrarian history.

During World War II the economy of Sunnyvale began to noticeably shift.  The orchards and sweet corn fields began to clear out to make way for the booming high tech industry. Sunnyvale was the home of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works, an American engineering company that produced naval vessels for the war effort. In 1956 the aircraft manufacturer Lockheed moved its headquarters to Sunnyvale. This signified Sunnyvale’s shift from an agriculture town to a technology town. As factories began to spring up homes and shopping centers sprang up with them.

The first prototype of Pong was installed in a Sunnyvale bar called Andy Capp’s Tavern in 1972

The Heritage Orchard still stands next to the Sunnyvale Community Center, a reminder of Sunnyvale’s agrarian past.

Sunnyvale is connected to the Bay Area VTA light rail system, Caltrans commuter railway, and several large California freeways. The nearest airport, San Jose International Airport (SJO) is only 9.5 miles from downtown Sunnyvale by car.

Sunnyvale is adjacent to Mountain View on the West, Santa Clara on the East, and Cupertino on the south.  If you are interested in a Sunnyvale property, LocalVector can help you find a home that meets your needs by leveraging our local knowledge to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Evergreen, San Jose Real Estate Market

October 4th, 2012

Evergreen, San Jose is located on the south eastern corner of San Jose. It is home to the premier Eastridge shopping center, Silver Creek Valley Country Club, and several prime Real Estate listings ready for your viewing. If you are interested in an Evergreen property we invite you to view some of our listings on our Evergreen Community Page.


Climate: Temperate Sum Avg. (70) Win Avg. (50)

Population: ~150,000

LocalVector Listings: ~125

Average Listing Price: $852,000

Landscape: Suburban

School Districts: Evergreen Elementary School District & East Side Union High School District

Higher Education: Evergreen Valley College


The chart above depicts home price per square foot as well as total number of transactions in the Evergreen, San Jose area from 2010 until September 2012. As you can see from the chart, the Evergreen Real Estate market has shown remarkable stability throughout this period. If you are interested in an Evergreen property you can contact us at


Real Estate Market in Sunnyvale, CA

September 29th, 2012

Sunnyvale California is the quintessential Silicon Valley Community. With great weather, beautiful parks, and a creativity driven tech industry Sunnyvale is a premier location for anyone looking to make the Bay Area their home. Here is Sunnyvale, CA at a glance.


Climate: Mediterranean Sum Avg. (77) Win Avg. (40)

Population: 140,081

LocalVector Listings: ~100

Average Listing Price: $758,500

Landscape: Suburban

School Districts: Sunnyvale School District

Higher Education: Foothill-De Anza Community College District


Price per Sq. Ft. and Tranactions per Week

The green line at the top of the graph depicts the average Price per Sq. Ft. for a home in Sunnyvale. The blue bars at the bottom of the graph depict the total number of Real Estate transactions in a given week.

The graphic above depicts price per square foot and number of transactions per week for Sunnyvale, CA.  AS you can see total Real Estate transactions in this region have been heating up since the beginning of the year. General trends show home prices climbing across the Bay Area, as you can see from the green Price per Sq. Ft. trend above home prices in Sunnyvale, CA has remained stable. Sunnyvale is a historically stable Real Estate Market. Home prices did not fall as much in comparison to other Bay Area regions, as such they did not have as much room for recovery. To view some of the beautiful properties LocalVector has listed in Sunnyvale, CA visit the LocalVector Sunnyvale Community Page. From there you can use the LocalVector Real Estate Engine to filter your results to the details that matter the most to you.